Zabbix шаблон для windows

Also includes a Python library to simplify the creation of embedded Zabbix modules. Tested on AirFiber firmware 2.0 and on Zabbix 2.0.5. 2014-04-08 Shaun Daigle KEMP LoadMaster CPU,MEM,Traffic Util. Extending Zabbix Go2Zabbix A Go-lang library for creating loadable Zabbix modules, written in Go. Embedded Python Module A native Zabbix module that embeds a Python interpreter into the agent, to allow for high performance Python script execution. Triggers are configured for some services with the alert level set to average. Build on top of Sinatra, it accepts connection from Zabbix server and/or proxy and translates them to VMware API calls. It can helps to manage large VMware infrastructure, with many ESX(i) and/or vCenter.

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